Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Goodbye Family......See you in Cyprus!

Sasha giving the view of West Bay a double thumbs up!
Set my alarm for 3am.......woke up at 2.55am, how is that for timing! That was despite, not been able to get to sleep and then the being woken by noise in the corridor of the hotel (again!).
Intercon The Beach to the left - St. Regis to the right
Got up had a shower, then tried to wake the kids, but nope they were not having it. Took all their bags down to the entrance, got the car and then played Tetris to get them all in. Surprised they fitted.

The roads were very quiet, and dropped them off at Hamad Airport around 4am. Maya was quite hyper, but Sasha on the other hand wasn't. driving back to the hotel, I got 3 messages from Metrash saying that they had left the country, so they were obviously checked in and through immigration.

Got back to the hotel, climbed back into bed and tried to get some sleep, but couldn't nod off, and then of course everyone else in the hotel was getting up, so the noise was back on. Eventually fell asleep and woke up at 8.30 when the alarm went off. I had to head back into town to return the hire car at the Westin hotel. On the way back to the car, I checked out of the 1st hotel room, and also request a late check-out of the 2nd, so I could transfer to the next hotel and not have to wait for a room. Jumped into the car and headed across town, still quiet. arrived at the Westin, handed over the keys and signed the paperwork for the car. Called an Uber, which arrived in about 5 minutes and headed back to the Intercon The Beach.

Climbed back into bed again, then pottered about, watched telly, surfed the net re-backed the suitcases all the usual stuff.

Went down to check out about 13:45 and there was a queue of folk checking in. Eventually got checked out around 14.20. Booked another Uber, and headed across to the Intercon The City.

Arriving at The City, checked in and chilled out for a few hours, could have really slept, but it would have screwed up the nights sleep so just kept the eyes open. Decided to have a shower, and by 6pm I was starving, so just went down for some dinner and then headed back up to the room for an early night. I must say the shower was probably the best shower I have had for years. It was one of those waterfall/rain showers, but this one was more like a downpour, and having just come from luke warm showers at the previous hotel, this one was actually nice and hot.
Up on the 35th floor, view over the city centre, and don't the cars and people look tiny!
Looking towards the City Centre Mall main entrance
So here we are now, sat at the laptop, writing this blog post and ready to sleep. Tomorrows meeting starts at 8am, so, early night, up for breakfast early no doubt.

And that's it, the family are now no longer residents of Qatar, are back in the UK for summer, and about 8 weeks until Cyprus.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Villa handover day

Went round to villa to empty the last of the stuff that never went into the shipment, like food and cleaning chemicals.

Picked up all the rubbish I had swept into piles the night before and took everything out to the bins.

The real estate agents Engel And Voelkers arrived to carry out the final inspection and get the keys.

Paperwork signed......Goodbye Villa


Not to worry though, not long until we can get into the next one!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

And finally its empty..........

Wednesday 8.30pm and the shippers have just left. 5 full days of packing.

The villa is now basically empty. It has been a looooong day.

The shipment was finally packed up, the crated goods were all done, after slight modification to the one for the piano and one for the bedroom glass desktops.

Because of the current shipping issues with Qatar, we don't actually know when it will be put into a container. So everything headed off in 3 lorries to the warehouse, to await a container loading schedule.

At least the shipping companies have identified a new route through Oman, with the first vessel coming 25th June, but we don't know when ours will leave. Probably now run late for the arrival in Cyprus so, will just have to wait and see how that changes things.

Today, also picked up a hire car, and the afternoon the company car was returned.

Kia Sportage, is probably not big enough, but it will do seeing as it is only for a couple of weeks. Not as if we are doing furniture runs to Ikea any more!

Gave the villa bit of a sweep, turned off the lights and went back to the apartment for a sleep...

The crew from GWC were excellent.

Monday, 12 June 2017

One dead router later....

Gave up on the OSN box and took it back to the villa to put into the shipment, but took, the wifi router from the villa to the apartment.

I had done a check on the 2nd port on the Cisco phone and there was open internet on it. Plugged the router into there and switched it on.

There was bright blue flash, followed by a warm orange glow and smoke rising up from the router.

Yes, I had accidentally plugged the wrong power adaptor into the router. I had two in my bag, one for the Linksys AE8500 wifi router and one for the Ubiquiti Edgerouter POE. The latter used a 24v adaptor which the 12v linksys really didn't like.

A good excuse to go and buy a new router then! Really did not like the AE8500. The software was just....bad...really bad.....

So after a trip to Jarir, picked up a D-Link DIR-895L/R (AC-5300) plugged it in, set it up and off we went! Internet all good. I had never tried a D-Link product before, so good reason to take it for a spin. Jarir did have the newer version of the Linksys in shop, but after not liking the last ones software, decided against it.

With internet now in place, we could get telly off of OSN Play and other online services...time to just cancel the internet service transfer from Ooredoo and cancel that service altogether.

D-Link DIR-895L/R

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Packing well underway now...Day 2, Sunday

The packers arrived on Saturday morning, and it immediately turned into a box fest and the sound of packing tape being unrolled was echoing round the villa.

They started off downstairs in the living room / dining room and kitchen. Boxing up the chairs and sofa, then moving upstairs to start on the bedrooms.

One of the other guys went round and measured everything that was going to be put into wooden crates, the piano, the pictures, glass tops of the units and outside tables, TVs, computer monitor, mirrors. The crating would be done in a couple of days time once they had been made.

We had also moved across into the company apartments last night. it was the apartment next door to the one that I stayed in when I first arrived in 2015.

I had taken the OSN satellite box with me from the villa to the apartment, but didn't have any joy getting it to work. Doesn't look like there was a dish at the other end of the wall socket :-(.

The internet wasn't the best....bit slow. We had been up to Ooredoo to initiate a transfer of the service, but didn't have the electricity number for the property, so would have to go back again for them to do it.

Living Room, through into Dinning Room

Area under the stairs, ground floor

Main Hallway


Living Room

Dining Room

Upstairs Hall - Living Room #2

Sasha Bedroom - Still to start!

Maya Bedroom - Still to Start

Upstairs Hall - Living Room #2

Guest Bedroom - Still to Start

Master Bedroom - Bed Area

Master Bedroom - Office Area

Master Bedroom - Office Area

Friday, 9 June 2017

Let the off boarding commence...

Came home from offshore on the Thursday afternoon, and it was immediately into destruct mode.

The packers were scheduled to arrive on Saturday, and there was a millions things I wanted to do before they get here.

I had 4 beds to destruct, garden furniture to take apart, BBQ to clean, outside store to empty, electronics to be taken to bits, clothes to sort into bundles....

I could have easily left them to take everything apart, but I wanted to do it in a way that minimises the number of bits, bolts back into boltholes, and be able to know how it all goes back together again at the other end.

One of the problems however was the fact it was June. Take the gazebo for example, it is black metal and it was scorching. It was so hot, that when I laid the main support members on the grass to take apart, they actually left burnt stripes on the grass. Needless to see I had many nippy fingers and metal part juggling during the process.